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super hero/supervillain results

i'm not surprised at all by the results of the quiz. for some weird reason i knew it'd be something related to batman. my favorite superhero. go have fun take the quizzes and see what you come up with.

which supervillain?

Your results:
You are Riddler

The Joker
Green Goblin
Mr. Freeze
Dark Phoenix
Dr. Doom
Lex Luthor
Poison Ivy
Riddle me that, riddle me this, who is obsessed with having a battle of wits??

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Which superhero are you quiz?

Your results:
You are Robin
Green Lantern
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
Young and acrobatic.
You don't mind stepping aside
to give someone else glory.

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Behind the scenes/special features

i love the special features on dvds. especially the ones involving tv shows. it's great to see what goes on and what people involved with the show think. right now i'm currently watching some of the stuff from Stargate-sg1


Two months

Exactly two months to the day till my birthday.



Finally their going to release the first season of the Drew Carey Show on Dvd. Yeah!!


Merry Christmas

Hope everyone had a great and happy holiday!


Happy Last Minute Shopping Day!

Happy Last Minute Shopping Day! Good luck to all of you who are out there getting all your Christmas shopping done today .


This brings to mind a star trek episode where they determined if Data had any rights like humans. The one where they were trying to stop a guy from taking Data apart to try and examine and research him more. Riker was on the other side trying to make this happen. This report totally says that robots might even have to pay taxes. wow! i wonder if they'd get audited.


Weird Toys

Found this on Aol.com. Check out Number 4. It's number 1. You'll know what I'm talking about when you check it out. Enjoy!

naughty or nice only time will tell

have you been naughty or nice only time will tell. oh no its armageddon. run! run!

this was seen on a holiday inn sign. brought so many images to mind. still does.


Second time is the charm

I'm so excited I passed a class I had to retake. I'm so happy. I want to share it with the world. can't blame a person. I'm going to have to celebrate some how.


Two down two to go

So far I've gotten the grades for one of my classess and I passed. I'm excited. I was worried about this class especially since all of the class was in aggrement that it was tough.

I am pretty sure that I will be passing at least one more.

I have two finals tomorrow that determine the fate of the other two. I'm hopeful to pass the one that's a retake. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed. Okay not the fingers right now since I'm typing this but I do have my toes.

wish me luck


New shirt

I'll be recieving a new sci fi themed shirt. It's a new Stargate t-shirt with a picture of Daniel Jackson ,my fave character, on it. Cool. My mom said and I quote " Here's my credit card I really didn't get you any trekkie gate stuff so get yourself a shirt" This was after I told her a site a site I visit was the last day of free shipping. So I picked out what I wanted.I'm supposed to act like I didn't know about it. No problem there. They really didn't have any trek shirts I liked. So when the shirt comes I can't wait. I needed a new shirt. I can't wait to wear it. Hopefully it arrives without problems.

You Know Who You Are

You know who you are. Have you checked out the stuff I suggested. This is just a friendly reminder from your neighborhood trekkie.


Voyager on Spike tv

I love the fact that Voyager is on Spike Tv. Love there's a marathon all this week. Downside when it takes its place in the lineup it'll conflict with another of my programs I watch. Decisions decisions decisions. Do I watch Voyager or Stargate? or both? I'll just wait and see.


#14 on the top 100 from tvland

space the final frontier is #14 on the list. they had Wil Wheaton sporting the kick ass goatee talking about it. it's a nice look. thought the phrase would be higer on the list.

Trek Bloopers

need a good laugh check these really great trek bloopers.

New Trek Cartoon?

Wow! I'm going to have to wait and see goes on with this one. I don't think it'd be too bad especially since it'd only be several minutes long. It'd have original characters which would be cool. This definitely is one of the many projects in the works out there that shows trek isn't dead.

TvLand's top 100 catchprashes

All this week i've been watching tvland's top 100 catchprashes. well last night at number 22 was "live long and prosper" they had willam shatner,george takei, and wil wheaton talking about it along with some other comments from others. it was pretty kick ass. wish it was higher up on the list but hey it's in the top 25. did a lot better than "denny crane" which made the lower 50.

TvLand's top 100 catchprashes

All this week i've been watching tvland's top 100 catchprashes. well last night at number 22 was "live long and prosper" they had willam shatner,george takei, and wil wheaton talking about it along with some other comments from others. it was pretty kick ass. wish it was higher up on the list but hey it's in the top 25. did a lot better than "denny crane" which made the lower 50.


Group work is evil

group work is evil. especially when you must evaulate each other. especially when you're group treats you like shit. it's totally not cool. especially when one is contributing to the group. some people should never ever get power. especially when i quote " i love being project manager" more like i like having little power trips and my little sidekick.


Buyer Beware

just giving people a heads up on buying big name merchandise especially on ebay. the seller might be selling you just the box, even when the listing says you are getting the system. glad it was caught before forking almost over $100. so be super careful. its the time of year for scammers to have a heyday with peole and ebay is no exception. so be super careful this holiday and you will be happ.


If I could

If i could spend the day with a star trek actor it'd be a tie between Wil Wheaton and Garrett Wang. i've listened and read interviews involving both and they both seem like they'd be fun to hang out with. they'd also fit in very well with the group of people i hang out with at college. come on we hang out in a place called the pub that used to be a pub. so that just gives a hint of the interesting things that can go on in there.


Annoying people

some annoying people need to be voted off the planet. but until the day happens, i'll just have to deal with the two people that annoy the hell out of me. it's crazy. not as crazy as the one person who rides the bus. this lady will suddenly break out in hebrew for no reason, tell and change the story of how she got hit by a car. she'll eat weird things. the other day she ate a ziplock bag full of spaghetti. cold spashetti. it was a bit creepy. she'll also try to get into conversations she was invited into. als talks of writinga memoir that she thinks people will want to read. i highly doubt any sane person would read it. this lady needs to get some sane pills and join the real world.


Check this great interview with Garrett Wang out

this is a great interview with garrett want from voyager. it's over an hour long and well worth a listen. you will have to download the mp3. you will need to scroll down to the archive episode number 63. if you want just the interview you'll want to go to 1 hr and 33 or 34 minutes. the rest is them talking geek related stuff. funny as well but not as much as the interview.


i'll take a D

i'm repeating a class from last semester. this professor is infamous for giving " see me" on test. so when i got my teacher to up a "see me" to a d. i was happy. that makes happy. because it brings me to two D's and a see me. since one see me will get dropped. yeah. i have one test left before i see if i pass. i'll be so happy if i do. it'd make my day.


Star trek Voyager starts on spike tv in exactly two weeks. Woo hoo! i plan on recording every singles second..



i'm finding new and fun things i can do with my laptop everyday. its so much fun. i gave it a nickname. it's bigtoy. because my pocket pc is my little toy. so i like to call my electronic devices my toys. i love my toys. you are never too old for toys.



This is my first post using mybrand spanking new laptop. it took a little bit to get but i finally have one. i've been wanting a laptop for the longest time. it's great. right now i'm working on updating things and getting what i need on it. i can finally catch up on some back work from school. woo hoo! i can install all my little programs that i had on my desktop before it went over the summer. i'm having fun. cant wait to take it to school and show my friends.



Every day after thanksgiving (black friday) my parents go out early trying to get some good deals. this time they spent all night at best buy. it was the only place they could get to. won't go into details but we've called best buy's 800 number to complain about something.

when they get back we usually go and hit the local christmas parade. my little brother and sister have both been it as well as myself. it's always fun to watch. this year it celebrated it's 5oth anniversary. totally cool.

after the parade went out to the stores again to check things out. i was still able to get the 1gb memory card for $14 at walmart. i bought two. one for fun stuff one for shool stuff. can't beat that price.



Happy Thanksgiving!! hope everyone had enough to eat.


No Trek This week

No trek on spike tv this week. the one week untill winter break that i could watch all of trek. i'll just have to break out the dvds and watch.


You ever notice how a haircut can make you feel? i got a haircut today and i feel great. i feel slightly changed since i cut my hair short. it also looks better. i like my haircut. i actually went to school with the lady who cut my hair.


little things

its amazing how a person can get a thrilled over little things.case in point i was recently checking out the clearance stuff at staples and found an item i've been wanting for months. it was marked 9.90 down from the original fifty it was. it was a four game memory card for my little hp ipaq rx 1950 pocket pc. i'd been eying it and one other game that had tetris and a bunch of other games. i got both for half the price of one. i'm thinking of getting the atari classics and dictionary for it as well. it was one of those little things that make a person happy. i'm currently enjoying kicking the computers little ass at battleship and monopoly. i can't usually do that against someone in real life.

got to love those little things that make a person happy.


Robot Chicken

just got done watching the last new episode of '06. hopefully there will be another full season of fun in '07. i really love this show. i never miss an episode.


Bad Weeks are Evil

you ever have one of those bad weeks where anything and everything could go wrong does? i did. it started off with monday i had a test and also forgot a notebook for class with an assignment due. tuesday was okay. wednesday get the test back not a nice grade at all also in another class we were picking topics for a final project and no one could double up so i got stuck last with no choice at all. teacher went reverse birthday starting in december back to january. since mine's in february i had no choice which sucks major ass. its something i have no clue on. i really wanted to scream damn! really loud but held back. thursday was pretty good. went to the circus that was fun. friday ran into a few people i knew at the mall. they were with people so i didn't bug them. saturday didn't go anywhere so i could avoid the world. totally earned that. next week should be better. no school for the week. just me and my little world. and really great food at my aunts on thanksgiving that and the macy's parade. that's always interesting to watch.


not surprised

i'm not suprised by the recent news that britney spears and k-fed were getting divorced. i knew it wouldn't last. now he's free to make more babies with someone else.





Ranting part II

glad to find out not the only one annoyed with the blond ditz we call an editor. someone who went to high school with her has had issues as well.


why do i bother writing anything for my crappy college paper. it's getting to be a big pain my ass. i'm at the point where i'm ready to quit completely even as secretary. it's feeling pointless for me to make an effort when i keep getting knocked down. i might have ADD but i don't need someone making me feel like i'm incompetent. i'm a very competent and an excellent writer who doesn't need some little blond bimbo with power (too much) knocking me down. i've been writing before she was created by her parents during a night of passion that lead to her exsistance. it's getting ridiculous. she needs to grow up fast and not play favorites. cause once she's in the real world she is going to get eaten alive and spit out quicker than you can say chopped liver. she better learn this soon before she messes with the wrong person and bad things happen. not me. i'm not the kind.


Haunted house

went to a fave haunted house put on by a local business.hadn't gone in years. i had a good time it was more fun than scary. it was great to go with a friend we had a good time going through and saying hi how's it going and other fun stuff to the performers inside. it was a bit disorienting at times and foggy. but overall fun. thinking of going again next year and possibly the hayride.(weather wasn't nice)it was quite rainy and cold to go on a haunted hayride.


Bus Driver

WE have the coolest bus driver to take us college students to school every day. He kicks some serious ass.

we had an incident where a lady wanted to get on but there wasn't any room and the bus was coming back through in about fifteen minutes. the bus driver explained it to her. the lady complained you're going to make me wait even longer. he's like it's "either that or pay two bucks". she goes "why?" he's like "one to go up the hill (the college is on a hill) and one to go down it to your location." she's like "why you being so hard you jackass", his reply was the best " shut up you blonde bit*h," and then drove off. it was soo funny. even people sleeping woke up for that one. that made everyone's day especially after we had to switch to a different bus because the first one broke down.


Borg interactive movie prt. 1

pretty awesome someone put this up on youtube.


Power trip

some people should never be given power, it goes to their head. the younger they are the more power tripping they are. case in point the fresh out of high school editor of the college paper. they have gotten too much power to soon. they're starting to get mean and evil. also big on the favortism front specificially high school friends and relatives. not cool. not cool at all. lying is another problem. but i'm not going there.


Halloween costume

with nine days left til my favorite holiday i'm still not 100% on what to dress up as. right now i've got two options and a possible third. my first two options are as a.) captain janeway from voyager the 2.) a director of a voyager epsiode. i have my star trek voyager jacket i got for my b-day that was supposedly a jacket given to the cast and crew, i'd wear that with a hat and carry around one my voyager scripts. the possible third is to be cleopatra again. i'm leaning towards one of the first two. i'll just have to see what i feel like doing.


halloween is less than two weeks away and it's time for me to get out and watch my favorite movies.

anything related to ghostbusters is a must. i have a mini ghostbusters marathon for myself. and relieve my best childhood memories. also love the left over candy not given to trick or treaters. my family gives the good stuff. none of that off brand no one knows what is crap. no offense to anyone that does.


Better than nothing

It'll be interesting to see them when they come out. At least they haven't completly gotten rid of Sg-1...



my neighbors went 8 days straight with being noisy. i'm glad they finally chilled out. it was getting annoying.



A little unknown fact

a little unknown fact about me is that when i was in elementary school i was tested for the the gifted program. never found out what happened the person who tested me left before i got the results. one of the greatest mysteries did i or didn't i make it. i will never know.


Neighbors War '06

last night my neighbors next door, the ones with the pain in the ass air conditoner decided to be super loud and annoying. a group of friends came over and where exchanging lovely words i won't repeat hear. well it was about five minutes till 1am when i hear a female voice yelling " shut the fu** up!! get inside your house!!!" found out i wasn't the only one annoyed by their crap and my neighbor lady across the street had had enough of it. their response was a mix of calling her a " bit*h and someone saying my appoligies mam." the apology coming from the smartass of the group. they finally settled down. i don't think that'll be the end of that. so far tonight things are quiet. i'll get my revenge on halloween when i run my fog machine and blare my scary sounds cd. its the one night a year i can get away with torturing my neighbors.


Spaceballs Cartoon

one word why???? word came out today that g4 will be getting the new animated series. mel brooks will be doing at least two of the voices for the series.



just saw the rough draft of my college paper. and i feel i have evidence that i am possibly getting personally attacked. why for one thing. neither of my lovely puzzles i submitted made it and usually they are always in there. and two the articles this week are pure boredom and pointless. i wouldn't pick this issue up it's ridiculous. glad i can speak my mind freely here in my little tiny miniscule corner of the world. who needs to hear the editors complaints on the local shopping scene. please help me. another one was even more retarded in that it's a dude talking about his family reunion over the summer. not cool. it's getting to the point where why bother contributing to this sh*t. i'm getting treated like crap and its frustrating to not be able to get my point across as well as my pov in my articles gets morphed into something that's not mine.



it's weird how sometimes things change in a weekend. just this past weekend someone that was a frequent rider on the bus got arrested and sent to jail for supposedly killing an infant. no definite word yet but on the bus ride this morning it was bought up a few times. they guy didn't seem to be the type to do such a thing. is there really such a thing as a "type"?



I just need a little respect when it comes to what i write for the college newspaper. no little fresh faced editor making it something not my own. i enjoy blogging for the one reason. i can write whatever i want and not worry too much about it being edited unless i do it myself. it doesn't matter who if anyone else besides myself read it. it's just nice to get my words out to the people without being butchered and revamped into something else and have my name put on it.



Writer's Block

I just had a bad case of writers' block. Not a good thing when you write for your college newspaper. I usually come up with word search puzzles and whatever else floats my boat. Back to the writer's block. It was so bad that i couldn't come up with my word list to make my puzzle. I finally came up with new fall tv shows when i saw something on the Tv Guide channel. i also wrote an article on writing for the paper. it's the first thing that came to mind as soon as the writer's block cleared. i hope to not go through that again at least until the semester's over.


Happy 40th Star Trek!!

Happy 40th anniversary Star Trek! Live long and prosper. Check out this great tribute.


Great Trek Site

This site is great for watching some really great trek interview clips and other fun clips. i highly recommend it. especially with the 40th anniversary of star trek on friday.



Last night I was dissapointed after i went to my local NBC affiliate to watch the movie about what went on behind the scenes of diff'rent strokes. Well when i arrived on the channel i didn't find the movie come to find out they put apollo 13 on instead. Its a great movie and all but i really wanted to see this movie. There was no reasoning or anything they just put it on. all of the tv listings i looked at said the diff'rent strokes movie was going to be on. I don't know why they didn't show it, wish i did. Hopefully i'll eventually get to see it. i enjoy seeing the behind the scenes movies.


R.I.P Croc Hunter

R.IP. Stever "Croc Hunter" Irwin. Your croc wrestling antics will be missed. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends during this time.


Stop Messing with the Classics

There are a few networks who shall remain namless that seem to have this thing for revamping the classic cartoons. It's gettig to be too ridiculous. These revamped cartoons usually are viewed as a disaster in the eyes of those of us who grew up with the original. It's getting to the point that i won't even give the new revamped version of a favorite cartoon a try even if it got good reviews.



Congrats to Feedback for winning Who Wants to Be a Superhero. Way to go! i was rooting between him and Major Victory. i think it's great he won because he is one of many comic fans out there and it's great to see someone make their dream of being a superhero come true. so many of us wish we could experience that.


Trek Revamped

It just came out today that paramount has revamped the original series. How? CGI, their making everything look more "realistic." It'll be interesting to see when they start airing on tv. It's a good way to get those of us who've grown up with superhyped up special effects.


Save Stargate SG-1

Check the site out and see what you can do to help save a great show. I've got a few ideas for buttons that i might try and get out there to help the cause. I couldn't help to save trek might as well try to save the gate.


100th Post

I finally made my 100th post.


Thank you tennis

Thanks for temporarily adding a night of wrestling on the sci fi channel.


Got to hate bordeom. there's only so much you can do before you're bored again. like blog.


Poor Pluto

Poor Pluto. It must be going through an identity crisis right now. First it's a planet then it's not then it is now its not. It's axis is going crazy trying to figure out what it is. Everything i've learned all my life and now it's changed. They really got to decide what the heck pluto is before they find more planets on top of what's been found recently.


Stargate SG-1 Cancelled

Stupid Sci fi channel. What gives? SG-1 is awesome. Yes all good things must come to end but you shouldn't knock Sg-1. Sci fi probably wants more free space to show Battlestar Gallactica. I really can't stand that show. I can't stand the fact that me and countless other fans have to wait till March to see the last half of Stargate's season so they can run Battlestar all the way through without repeats.That should have hinted that Stargate isn't as important as Battlestar is to the network.That's network politcs for you. Its shown in the way Sci fi promos Battlestar every possible moment they can especially during Stargate.Stargate is a great show that deserves some respect from Sci Fi. First they got rid of Stargate Monday's, now the cancellation, What's next? Oh that's right their showing WWE Raw this monday. How nice.


Shatner Roast

This was the funniest sh*t I've seen in a long time! Check out this link for more info on the show.


Stargate 200th part II

Check out this link if you missed the 200th episode to check out what you missed. It's worth it. Warning the clips are divided up into the different parts.


Happy 200th

Happy 200th episode Stargate SG-1!!



Its amazing that when your away from a computer and the internet you miss it but after a while you don't. i had that experience when i was camping for eight days. i missed the computer but then it's like i didn't even think about it. weird..


Sci FI Aquires Some CBS Paramount Shows

COOl! I can't wait to see Threshold again. I also need to see the first season of Enterprise. I totally missed it when it was on and since it's in syndication nobody seems to air that season. Some of the other stuff is cool too.


Neighbors A.C.

I would like my neighbor's air conditioner to self destruct. it is the loudest and most annyoing piece of crap in the world. I didn't think they had to be loud enough where it sounds like it's in your own house. They have silence for guns how about one for air conditoners so those of us stuck like me don't have to deal with the noisey thing. I think it's an accident waiting to happen.

New Batman Movie

Love the title. Don't like the fact that Heath Ledger will be the joker. There's something that doesn't still well with me on that one. Will have to see when it comes out..



I am the soon to be proud owner of 1 of 40 star trek XI mini movie posters from startrek.com. I can't believe I won another of their contest. I won last year as well. I can't wait to get my poster. I'm planning on protecting it. I like the design a lot. Have to wait two years for the movie but hey I'm getting a little taste with the poster..



Batman! Batman!

Just felt like saying Batman! I love batman.



Another ho hum saturday. same old same old no plans nothing. stuck watching sub par tv.

Happy b-day to Wil Wheaton the coolest trek actor and blogger out there. or so i think..


Santa Clause 3

Yes I've seen both Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen. I'm looking forward to this one especially now the posters come out. I can't wait to see Martin Short as Jack Frost.


It's a Me Mario!

Cover your eyes it's not pretty. It's a me Mario? Dude! mario needs the mustache.


Show me the Money!

Monopoly money that is. Rumor has it that Parker Brothers is revamping monopoly. you won't need the money anymore. you'll get a little credit card that keeps track and a little scanner thing. there goes putting money down for whoever lands on free parking.


Presidential Spam

That's right folks today in my inbox the lovely republican party sent out an email from the man himself president bush. mostly to ask for money. how nice. i almost clicked the report spam button but what kind of citizen would i be if i did that. instead i deleted it. no offense but if i had the cash or cash at all i wouldn't be sharing it with any political party. they have rich people for that.


Not Cool

Sci fi channel what the hell? first wrestling now making fans wait six months to see what happens with stargate. Not cool! Not fair! sci fi needs to back off the battlestar bandwagon before people lose interest. their is such a thing as overkill and that is overkill. Yes it's the most popular show but the other shows need their share of attention too. they don't need to be tossed aside like a toy that's been played with once.


Star Trek XI Poster

The Star Trek XI poster was revealed at Comic Con. Pretty cool design. Can't wait the two years till the movie comes out. Hopefully, it will do better than Nemesis.


Comic Con G4 tv Coverage

Kudos for the decent job that G4 did with Comic Con. I learned a few interesting things.

I hope this happens but i would love a stargate sequel movie. especially if the original cast is involved except kurt russel's haircut. i love the show and all but the movie has it's charms.

I am not looking forward to the My Name is Earl comic book. That'll be in the discount bin at the comic book store.

The fans in costume cool! People are way creative in their creations. From Batmand and Hulk to Superman and Catwoman. Plenty of stormtroopers as well even an elvis storm trooper.


Superhero Stamps

Thank you US postal service. Tomorrow they are releasing superhero stamps in relation to Comic Con. Heros include Batman(my fave),Superman, WonderWoman,etc... I'm going to get my hands on them.


Wrong Coast

I totally live on the wrong coast when it comes to the major Geek related conventions. Comic Con and E3 are in california, the star trek con is in vegas. And who knows what others. But it's not fair. Those of us on the East Coast need to have some huge monsterous con(s). That way we don't have to fork over major cash to attend. Booking travel, getting tickets and hotels. Yes still might need to get a hotel but the distance traveled wouldn't be as much of a pain. I know there are smaller cons out there but we need ones where it's sold out and hyped about in the media. Not some flier on a telephone pole that's faded from the elements or a tiny little ad in the newspaper. If I ever won the lottery I'd totally have a con where people wouldn't have to spend a ton to get it. I'd charge a dollar or something and have the money go to charity especially since I wouldn't need the money anyways. Aww to dream.


Pro Gamer


AT 8 yrs old this kid shouldn't know Halo. Besides that he shouldn't be up till 10pm. My little brother isn't even allowed up till 10 in the summer and he's a few years older than this kid.

Yes its all great this kid has money for college, if he goes that is something that'll have to wait and be seen in ten years. Who knows all this could be a fad for the kid and he'll get tired of it.

I find it hard to believe that at 2 the kid could be calmed with a game controller.When I was 2 there wasn't even a console system out there. I was five or six when the Nintendo came out. What happened to reading to a kid to calm them down or getting them a sippy cup of juice or something? not a game controller.

It's great the kid is good at something but he should be good at games for his age range. I don't think being a pro gamer qualifies him as a child prodigy. Their are probably other kids out there that are just as good at gaming but are playing the age appropriate games.

It feels to me like some of this is like those parents that force their kids into stuff and then they retaliate because they didn't want to do it in the first place. The kid is probably having fun with the games but is he really truly enjoying the benefits of being pro.Does he understand it?The time might come some day where the kids like I don't want to do this anymore. I want to be a kid.


Whose Line DVD

I plan on forking over the cash for the uncensored version. It's how i've always wanted to see whose line. I love that show.

Star Trek Animated

Finally the years of rumors have been put to rest. Their is a release date and package details along with a hefty price of $35.00. I'd better start saving for it now.


Hot Humid Hazy

Those three little words are becoming the words of the moment. I want to do like Pee Wee's Playhouse and scream everytime I hear them. Those three little words spell out uncomfortable pain in the ass weather. And guess what I don't have frickin air conditioning. I have a fan but that only truely helps at night. The best trick is to keep the lights off and not open the door much.


Stargate Returns

The season ten return of Stargate was great. There was plenty of explosions. The beginning started off a little slow but it picked up. Can't wait to see what's in store. Only saw Walter once tonight. Come on give us more walter outside of Teal'c he's been one of the more consistent characters on the show. Especially awesome is aol now has exclusive stargate content. totally cool! Sci fi has new computer wallpapers which are nice especially if you have one character in particular you like. i've got mine. Next week's episode looks interesting. Can't wait..


Stargate Dream

I was so excited and thinking about Stargate that I had a dream about it. It was a weird dream that's based in some reality. I had one the contest to go be on the show but i didn't find out till the day i was supposed to be there. i cursed out aol or something for not delivering the email. It goes into some other weird stuff that i'm not willing to share.


Pee Wee's Playhouse

I've been watching the show this week during Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and one thing is for sure. I found the show a lot funnier when I was a kid watching on Saturday mornings. It doesn't appeal to me like it used to.


Mosquito Bites

I am sick and tired of those little pain in the ass mosquitos biting me. I'm an all you can eat buffet that never closes. I can walk outside two seconds and be bitten like five times. It's really annoying and itchy. I need stock in an anti-itch cream company or something.
If a company ever really truely wanted to see that their product would work they could use me as a guinea pig i'm telling you. A good chunk of the products they have out there doesn't work or if it does a few minutes tops. I've tried everything from wristbands and pins to sprays and candles. I actually check the mosquito levels from the weather channel's website to see how badly I'll be bitten that day.
I wouldn't miss mosquitos if they went extinct. I'd be really happy. so happy i'd throw a party to celebrate.


what were they thinking?

what were they thinking when they came up with this superfriends "celebrity raoast" type show. holy cheesiness batman!!

What the???


Five Days till Stargate

Five days till stargate is back. Can't wait to see how the cliffhanger from last season is taken care of. I'll have my jello and other snacks ready along with the do not disturb sign..


No More

No more spoiled rich kids on tv. Enough is enough. Who gives a damn how much daddy spent on a birthday party? Who cares that you aren't getting everything you frickin want? Wait till they get out in the real world and they don't have daddy's money. Who cares you want some big costly car? who cares you want so and so at your party? deal. It's getting annoying. I'm tired of the whinging, the temper tantrums, leaving people out because their not good enough? The they weren't invited kick them out, the dress they can't have because it shows too much skin.

when will they take this crap off of tv??
I'm not jealous of what they got, i wouldn't want it. I don't want to be some spoiled brat who won't be able to handle real world stuff like laundry and dishes and cooking. I like having to work for what i have, it enhances my creativity and the abiltiy to think for myself. Also i'm more indepent. What more do i need? Yes i dream of things that aren't in my reach but hey who doesn't.

I have one thing i'd love to have when i can afford it a pinball machine. is that too much? i think not.


Reality TV

Enough is enough. Reality TV isn't as "real" as people thing. Read the 100mph scrolling print at the end and it'll tell you the truth.

It's getting ridiculous. Nothing is original anymore. Everyone rips off everyone else ideas and make it their own but still able to tell what it was ripped off from.

I'm getting to the point where I wish there wasn't anymore reality TV. I see networks are starting to reduce the number of reality junk they have but will it ever end. Go back to the quality stuff there used to be.

Enough reality already give me my good ole scripted stuff any day..



Informercials practically the only thing on after one in the morning. Some of them just say " Not legal" while others say how cheesy and easily this product will break once you get it. My favorites are the ones with washed up celebrities panning some piece of crap that cost 1 cent to make in some foreign country but will cost you only one payment of $39.99 plus shipping and handling. The other great informercials out there are the ones that say if you call now we'll lower the price by one payment. Informercials the best late night entertainment out there next to Cnn.


4th of July


A great holiday to see professional fireworks and your idiot neighbors homemade display that results in a loss of fingers. Hope everyone had a happy and safe fourth of july and you still have all of your fingers...


RVs in Parking lots

Have you ever noticed those big RVs that camp out in parking lots like Wal-Mart and stuff. What gives? If they can afford the big monsterous RVs they should be able to afford a campsite at a campground or something. It's ridiculous especially when they take up several spots from actual paying customers.. Yes, they might go in there once or twice if at all. But if their just their to camp then go to the very far corner of the lot that's not used unless it's Christmas time and everyone's at the store..


Slave Machine

Who would have thought that machines could be slaves..


The New Stargate Promos

Sci fi channel has been airing promos for season ten of sg1 and season three of atlantis and three of them are a little cheesy. The whole Teal'c at a poker game, Sheppard playing pool, and Carter helping some women outsmarting a vending machine. Come on! yeah their trying to get stuff people relate to but really the shows are about them kicking some serious bad guy butt and saving the planet. It's not about them helping everyday people cheat and stuff. I'm just waiting for a promo of Daniel at a library helping someone find a book on Eygpt or something. Or how about one with Rodney picking out twelve boxes of Jello and going through the ten items or less express lane. I like the teaser style promos best, these promos are okay.

If your interested in actually seeing the promos and other stargate related promos check them out at youtube.com

Smokers are special

I just found this out the past few days at Six Flags where they had four little roped off areas for them to smoke. They even had their own special blue benches and trash cans. It was like watching monkeys at the zoo. It makes me glad that I was free to roam and not be confined by such a smelly habit.


Stargate Downloads

Looking for a Stargate Desktop or video clips. this place has really cool downloads.

Trek Interviews

These are couple of interviews where they took email questions and each answered at least one of my questions. You can hear the interviews by scrolling down and clicking listen to the interviews. Enjoy!!

Robert Picardo(EMH)

Marina Sirtis(Counselor Deanna Troi)

Video Game Fun

this site practically has everyvideo game. My favorite is double dare and the star trek the next generation games.http://everyvideogame.com/

this site is for you pinball fans. http://www.pinballsim.com/ I totally like the tng pinball machine. I'd love to own a real one someday..

Stargate Video Clips

Some of these are really funny. I like the one that goes behind the scenes..


I would love to..

write for a national published magazine. Mainly a sci fi related magazine. I love to write I've write for my college paper, I've written on Star Trek and Stargate. Also the convention experience. I think it would be totally cool to have the chance to do so, it doesn't even have to be on a regular basis. I would love that. To open a magazine and see my name listed with something would be the coolest. Combining two things I love and have a passion for would be the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Hopefully someday it'll happen.


The Picard Song

This is cool. The Picard Song who would have thought. Very creative..

Futurama's Comeback

Can't wait. That's all I got to say. I love this show..


More Bloopers

More bloopers,bloopers.


Stargate SG-1 Blooper

This is my fave so far that I've found..

Singing Stargate producers


if you'd like to download the song no video clip check out chevron 26. go to downloads, sound files and scroll down to to find producers sing.


What more do I need to say??

Voyager Parody


The First Capt.Janeway

Glad it didn't last. No offense to the actress. But I prefer Kate Mulgrew's Janeway. There was even a first name change for Janeway as well. It went from Elizabeth to Kathryn Just a little tid bit of info I'm passing along..


New Trek Magazine

Totally awesome especially since it's from Titan the publishers of the Stargate Magazine. I have almost all the issues except for a few. I'm definetly getting the Trek Magazine..

Geek Test

Find out if and how much of a geek you are. I am a total geek at 25.44379% . I always knew that. i didn't need a test to point that out..

Trek Personality Quiz

Find out which character you're most like. I keep coming up Capt. Kirk everytime..

What the heck??

What the heck is up with this??


Pogs Comeback

POGS WHY? Are we running out of original ideas we have to resurrect past ideas? I mean first it was Carebears and Rainbow Brite, HE-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and now this. Why do they need to bring back those little cardboard disk. I don't think they'll be as popular as they were ten years ago but I'll just wait and see. I wonder if this means the Original Pogs are now considered vintage??

Why do we need virtual pogs as well? what's the point??

That stupid online pog game froze up my computer. stupid pain in the ass. i'm not going back to that site anytime soon.


Canceling AOL

I totally feel bad for the guy that spent over twenty minutes trying to cancel his AOL account. I didn't realize how much a pain in the ass AOL can be. Yes, I do have AOL but I use it through my cable company's ISP one bill a month for phone, cable, internet and AOL is really nice. I do have my own pain in the ass AOL story. A few years ago I thought I had cancelled an account. I came back to AOL with a new account, come to find out AOL was charging me for two accounts..How not nice was that. They acted all naive about it and didn't even offer a refund or anything. Aol user beware.

At least the worker involved with this is not working there anymore..


Living in lawsuit land

Anymore it seems more and more people are suing someone or thing. Now the latest lawsuit is against Myspace. This suit brings up an important message parents watch what your kids are doing on the internet also know where their going. We're living in an age of cell phones and gps. Sites like myspace are not the virtual babysitters. What if she had met the guy at the mall and he said the same thing as in his profile. People lie all the time it's not new people. People do not need to capitalize or attempt to capitalize on something they had a part in. It just came out today that myspace is upping their defenses, good for them.

parents need to monitor what their kids are doing online. There is even software now that helps them do it. You have parental controls as well just like with TV's.

I remember a few years ago the lawsuit a guy had against the major fast food chains. I think he claimed they made him "fat". My thought is that I don't think Ronald McDonald drove to that guys' house took him to McDonald's made him buy a big Mac and eat it.

people are and should be responsible for their own actions. They should not blame it on a company or who knows what. It's getting to the point you have to be so super careful with your actions. You never know that person you accidentally tap with your cart at the grocery store might just sue you for the blister on their heal.


What's normal? Whose normal? What defines normal? Is anyone really normal?

I would love to know.



I wish I had the time and resources to build a Lego Stargate.

Almost as fun

the real thing, bubble wrap is fun no matter what..virtual or real.

At least with this you don't need to clean it up .

Everyne needs one

Everyone could use their own barcode.


Listen to the fans..

There are a lot of good movie / tv franchises out there that have a devoted following even if it's been years since anything new has been made. The studios should listen to the fans. We're the one's who invest time, money. and effort, into them. Fans have a lot of great original ideas or improvements to previous ideas. Just read some of the nice clean fan fic out there. also great fan made movies, comics and artwork.also read the message boards and stuff. you will find a lot of people out there. We're the fans, we helped make it successful, we have hopes of someday it returns or it should be left alone.

I'm not just talking about Star Trek, but Ghostbusters and countless others.
I have hopes one day that both franchises will make a comeback of sort but something that is respective and not a joke to it. I've seen this happen to a few things and I wasn't happy along with others.

Just listen to the fans. We are the ones who care about what happens to our faves.


X Men the Last Stand

Went and saw it today at the local discount theater $3.00 to get in and another $3.oo on snacks cheaper than the mall matinee.

This movie was totally awesome. Can't believe who they killed off especially in the first few minutes of the movie. The way they killed off some people reminds me of how the mummy in the mummy died by turning back into dust. i don't know if anyone else feels that way but that's how i felt.

the ending left you wondering is this the last stand?? or is there more?? i wouldn't be bothered either way. X men is a great franchise that has so much to offer.

if you haven't seen it yet do.

Bill Gates Retiring

OH MY GOSh! Before he steps back maybe he can invest some of his billions into improving his current products before investing in new ones. you know windows has too many flaws when there's a book about Fixing Annoyances with Windows XP. No wonder there's so many security flaws with windows; their always left open. nobody ever properly closes them. No wonder there's a draft on my pc.

Dateline Special

Dateline did a one hour special on Britney Spears. That wasn't the worst part. They showed it twice. Why torture people with that. I'd rather get put to sleep than deal with Britney chewing gum and talking about or at least acting like her whole life was peachy.


Last Comic Standing Update

Well they finally have their 10 12 finalist that live in the house. Two of which have been or on tv. No wonder they went with 12 instead of 10. Also hard to believe they kept the pregnant one. What are they hoping for a live birth on stage??

The first one that's been on tv had his own Comedy Central special and was on Nickelodeon's All That

The second finalist that's been on tv is on Vh1's The Best Week Ever

My favorite didn't make the cut. But you can vote for them on the online competition.. Last Comic Standing .

Surprise Visit

It was all over the news the other day about President Bush's surprise visit to Iraq. This wasn't his first time. This time he was probably looking for some real estate. Why else would you go back?

I've gotta stop...

Knowing people who have either been or involved with getting hit by a car. Nobody has ever been seriously hurt or died.


Going to school with people who are drag queens. Especially those with pierced genitals..


Live Action Mario (As seen on Web Junk 20)

This is funny.. in a nintendo sort of way..

Real Life Borg

Friday I watched a segment on NBC's Dateline where they talked about the possibility of robots taking over the world. They also talked about the creation of cyborgs. First thing that came to mind the borg. They are doing testing on people. Does this mean we'll create borgs and we'll start to assimilate and destroy mankind as we know it? I think I've heard enough stuff on how mankind is destroying ourselves. I just didn't know it'd be borg. I'd like to be last in line for becoming a borg. I'm not striving for perfection just yet.

Web Junk 20

VH1's Web Junk 20 is back. I love this show.

Wrestling on sci fi

Why does the sci fi channel need to add wrestling to its schedule. I know people who are into the sci fi genre and wrestling. I was shocked when I heard that sci fi channel has wrestling now. It doesn't fit.The name also gets you Sci Fi Channel Presents. I was really surprised to find out that the local arena near me is getting one of the sci fi channel sponsered wrestling events set for August. When I think of sci fi, I think of science fiction stuff like aliens, ghost,etc. not wrestling. I'm just waiting for CNN to sponser Darts or dodgeball or something. Wrestling on sci fi channel who would have thought.


Party In Hell

COOL!! I should have went.

..... Darn I got lost and partied in Heck!!

Next year I plan to go to a casino on 777, play a slot machine with 777 and spend 777. Finally I'll get home at 707..

Pee Wee's Combeback

I can't believe it's making a comback on Adult Swim. I haven't seen it in years.


Seth Green is a Genius!!!

Why? Two words Robot Chicken. It's the best fifteen minutes of my life every Sunday. That show is totally awesome!! It's totally cool how they spoof shows that me and countless others grew up with along with the totally original stuff. The animation is totally old school.

My personal fave is the one that takes place at a sci fi convention when all hell breaks loose.

Seth Green is a genius!!!


you know there's nothing good on tv when...

Their showing badminton. It's just as bad when they show ping pong or even scrabble. It must be a desperate act on a networks part to show stuff like that. i'd take a cheesy infomercial anyday over badminton.


Babies the new Hollywood Accessory

Over the past year it seems more and more celebs are having babies. This trend makes it seem like babies are the new thing to have. Yes, their cute and cuddly but so are puppies. Some celebs are even expecting their second or third or who knows what number baby. I wonder how long this trend will last especially now that Anna Nicole Smith's Announced she's pregnant Whose next?

I didn't know that celbs are a dying breed and that they had to have kids to keep the breed alive.

will it ever end???

Last Comic Standing

Has anyone else caught this show and recongized any familiar faces??? I saw several faces that have been on tv or movies befor.

I caught the following:

  • two guys from The Best Week Ever
  • one guy who had a Comedy Central special
  • one guy from reality tv
  • one guy from an 80's tv show
  • one guy whose been on late night tv

I don't think it's fair that these comics who most likely have agents are allowed to compete with comics who aren't as lucky as them. It shouldn't be called Last Comic Standing it should be called last comic with an agent whose getting more than their share of fame competing against other comics in the same situation. It's too long but hey it seems like the truth.

Other than my problem with comics who have had some fame I enjoy the show. Right now my favorite comic is the one with the lisp.

"If you suspect a man don't hire him."

Suspect everyone...

hire no one....


Trekkie vs Trekker

Trekkie vs Trekker. I have been asked many times what's the difference? Is there a difference? Which do you prefer?

I prefer Trekkie. Why? I like the way it sounds, especially whenI say it out loud. If you heard me say Trekker you'd thinkI said trucker. Trekkie is so much cooler. As a button I have says " I'm a Trekkie not a Trekker. "

I've read things and talked with people that say there is a difference. They say Trekkies are the more obsessed fans. The ones that go dressed up to cons and stuff. Others say Trekkers are the more "closet" type. Not willing to admit their into Trek. They don't go to cons. Their more hush hush.

I think one time I saw a list of qualities for each. I personally fall between both.

Be it you're a Trekkie or Trekker we all have one thing in common Star Trek.

The thing that gets me is that people expect me to know a bunch of stuff. I can rattle off the series in order. I can describe an epsiode but not remember the title. I don't know when the original enterprise launched. I can tell you other stuff but not some of the weird quircky stuff. People hear the word trekkie and just assume that you know everything about trek. There are some out there that do and some that don't, including myself. I know things but not everything.

In the long run does it really matter what you call yourself as long as you stay true to what you believe..

These are the endings....

I just rewatched the finale to Enterprise. When it hit me that the way they ended made it seem like the whole thing took place as a holodeck program. They had Riker interacting as the chef onboard the ship. Also had Riker and Troi watching as Archer was about to give a huge speech. It was weird. My fave part of the whole thing was the " These are the voyages" speech showing all three enterprises from the series ie. Tng, Ent, and Tos. with the captains' voice overs.

Another finale that could have used some work; Voyager. The way that ended it was like they hurried up the story to get them home from being stranded in the Delta Quadrant. The time travel where a future Janeway travels back and changes history dramatically. We also see our good friends the borg appear again. How many times did we see them throughout Voyager's seven seasons??

The best finale is TNG. It tied in well with the very first episode. The whole Q putting the human race on trial. Picard doing time leaps and remembering each one. The rest of the crew thinking he's crazy.


Old School jewelry

" I made a ton of cash off of my old school jewelry."

I just had to laugh when I saw that on an infomercial for some 800 number for a gold buying service. I didn't know there was such a thing as old school jewelry; especially some that you can make a ton of cash from if you call an 800 number. I'm going to go get me some old school jewelry and call that number and see if I can make a ton of cash too. Maybe I'll get to be in an informercial too or at least have some paid actor portrayal.

Yes it's true I'm a trekkie

Yes, folks it's true I am a trekkie. Not the kind that goes dressed up to conventions or anything but one that enjoys a great sci fi series. I'm not the sterotypical trekkie either I don't live in my parents basement. I live in the little crawlspace in the attic next to the bats. What more do you need to know? That's why I'm unknown. You might walk past me and never know it.