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The New Stargate Promos

Sci fi channel has been airing promos for season ten of sg1 and season three of atlantis and three of them are a little cheesy. The whole Teal'c at a poker game, Sheppard playing pool, and Carter helping some women outsmarting a vending machine. Come on! yeah their trying to get stuff people relate to but really the shows are about them kicking some serious bad guy butt and saving the planet. It's not about them helping everyday people cheat and stuff. I'm just waiting for a promo of Daniel at a library helping someone find a book on Eygpt or something. Or how about one with Rodney picking out twelve boxes of Jello and going through the ten items or less express lane. I like the teaser style promos best, these promos are okay.

If your interested in actually seeing the promos and other stargate related promos check them out at youtube.com

Smokers are special

I just found this out the past few days at Six Flags where they had four little roped off areas for them to smoke. They even had their own special blue benches and trash cans. It was like watching monkeys at the zoo. It makes me glad that I was free to roam and not be confined by such a smelly habit.


Stargate Downloads

Looking for a Stargate Desktop or video clips. this place has really cool downloads.

Trek Interviews

These are couple of interviews where they took email questions and each answered at least one of my questions. You can hear the interviews by scrolling down and clicking listen to the interviews. Enjoy!!

Robert Picardo(EMH)

Marina Sirtis(Counselor Deanna Troi)

Video Game Fun

this site practically has everyvideo game. My favorite is double dare and the star trek the next generation games.http://everyvideogame.com/

this site is for you pinball fans. http://www.pinballsim.com/ I totally like the tng pinball machine. I'd love to own a real one someday..

Stargate Video Clips

Some of these are really funny. I like the one that goes behind the scenes..


I would love to..

write for a national published magazine. Mainly a sci fi related magazine. I love to write I've write for my college paper, I've written on Star Trek and Stargate. Also the convention experience. I think it would be totally cool to have the chance to do so, it doesn't even have to be on a regular basis. I would love that. To open a magazine and see my name listed with something would be the coolest. Combining two things I love and have a passion for would be the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Hopefully someday it'll happen.


The Picard Song

This is cool. The Picard Song who would have thought. Very creative..

Futurama's Comeback

Can't wait. That's all I got to say. I love this show..


More Bloopers

More bloopers,bloopers.


Stargate SG-1 Blooper

This is my fave so far that I've found..

Singing Stargate producers


if you'd like to download the song no video clip check out chevron 26. go to downloads, sound files and scroll down to to find producers sing.


What more do I need to say??

Voyager Parody


The First Capt.Janeway

Glad it didn't last. No offense to the actress. But I prefer Kate Mulgrew's Janeway. There was even a first name change for Janeway as well. It went from Elizabeth to Kathryn Just a little tid bit of info I'm passing along..


New Trek Magazine

Totally awesome especially since it's from Titan the publishers of the Stargate Magazine. I have almost all the issues except for a few. I'm definetly getting the Trek Magazine..

Geek Test

Find out if and how much of a geek you are. I am a total geek at 25.44379% . I always knew that. i didn't need a test to point that out..

Trek Personality Quiz

Find out which character you're most like. I keep coming up Capt. Kirk everytime..

What the heck??

What the heck is up with this??


Pogs Comeback

POGS WHY? Are we running out of original ideas we have to resurrect past ideas? I mean first it was Carebears and Rainbow Brite, HE-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and now this. Why do they need to bring back those little cardboard disk. I don't think they'll be as popular as they were ten years ago but I'll just wait and see. I wonder if this means the Original Pogs are now considered vintage??

Why do we need virtual pogs as well? what's the point??

That stupid online pog game froze up my computer. stupid pain in the ass. i'm not going back to that site anytime soon.


Canceling AOL

I totally feel bad for the guy that spent over twenty minutes trying to cancel his AOL account. I didn't realize how much a pain in the ass AOL can be. Yes, I do have AOL but I use it through my cable company's ISP one bill a month for phone, cable, internet and AOL is really nice. I do have my own pain in the ass AOL story. A few years ago I thought I had cancelled an account. I came back to AOL with a new account, come to find out AOL was charging me for two accounts..How not nice was that. They acted all naive about it and didn't even offer a refund or anything. Aol user beware.

At least the worker involved with this is not working there anymore..


Living in lawsuit land

Anymore it seems more and more people are suing someone or thing. Now the latest lawsuit is against Myspace. This suit brings up an important message parents watch what your kids are doing on the internet also know where their going. We're living in an age of cell phones and gps. Sites like myspace are not the virtual babysitters. What if she had met the guy at the mall and he said the same thing as in his profile. People lie all the time it's not new people. People do not need to capitalize or attempt to capitalize on something they had a part in. It just came out today that myspace is upping their defenses, good for them.

parents need to monitor what their kids are doing online. There is even software now that helps them do it. You have parental controls as well just like with TV's.

I remember a few years ago the lawsuit a guy had against the major fast food chains. I think he claimed they made him "fat". My thought is that I don't think Ronald McDonald drove to that guys' house took him to McDonald's made him buy a big Mac and eat it.

people are and should be responsible for their own actions. They should not blame it on a company or who knows what. It's getting to the point you have to be so super careful with your actions. You never know that person you accidentally tap with your cart at the grocery store might just sue you for the blister on their heal.


What's normal? Whose normal? What defines normal? Is anyone really normal?

I would love to know.



I wish I had the time and resources to build a Lego Stargate.

Almost as fun

the real thing, bubble wrap is fun no matter what..virtual or real.

At least with this you don't need to clean it up .

Everyne needs one

Everyone could use their own barcode.


Listen to the fans..

There are a lot of good movie / tv franchises out there that have a devoted following even if it's been years since anything new has been made. The studios should listen to the fans. We're the one's who invest time, money. and effort, into them. Fans have a lot of great original ideas or improvements to previous ideas. Just read some of the nice clean fan fic out there. also great fan made movies, comics and artwork.also read the message boards and stuff. you will find a lot of people out there. We're the fans, we helped make it successful, we have hopes of someday it returns or it should be left alone.

I'm not just talking about Star Trek, but Ghostbusters and countless others.
I have hopes one day that both franchises will make a comeback of sort but something that is respective and not a joke to it. I've seen this happen to a few things and I wasn't happy along with others.

Just listen to the fans. We are the ones who care about what happens to our faves.


X Men the Last Stand

Went and saw it today at the local discount theater $3.00 to get in and another $3.oo on snacks cheaper than the mall matinee.

This movie was totally awesome. Can't believe who they killed off especially in the first few minutes of the movie. The way they killed off some people reminds me of how the mummy in the mummy died by turning back into dust. i don't know if anyone else feels that way but that's how i felt.

the ending left you wondering is this the last stand?? or is there more?? i wouldn't be bothered either way. X men is a great franchise that has so much to offer.

if you haven't seen it yet do.

Bill Gates Retiring

OH MY GOSh! Before he steps back maybe he can invest some of his billions into improving his current products before investing in new ones. you know windows has too many flaws when there's a book about Fixing Annoyances with Windows XP. No wonder there's so many security flaws with windows; their always left open. nobody ever properly closes them. No wonder there's a draft on my pc.

Dateline Special

Dateline did a one hour special on Britney Spears. That wasn't the worst part. They showed it twice. Why torture people with that. I'd rather get put to sleep than deal with Britney chewing gum and talking about or at least acting like her whole life was peachy.


Last Comic Standing Update

Well they finally have their 10 12 finalist that live in the house. Two of which have been or on tv. No wonder they went with 12 instead of 10. Also hard to believe they kept the pregnant one. What are they hoping for a live birth on stage??

The first one that's been on tv had his own Comedy Central special and was on Nickelodeon's All That

The second finalist that's been on tv is on Vh1's The Best Week Ever

My favorite didn't make the cut. But you can vote for them on the online competition.. Last Comic Standing .

Surprise Visit

It was all over the news the other day about President Bush's surprise visit to Iraq. This wasn't his first time. This time he was probably looking for some real estate. Why else would you go back?

I've gotta stop...

Knowing people who have either been or involved with getting hit by a car. Nobody has ever been seriously hurt or died.


Going to school with people who are drag queens. Especially those with pierced genitals..


Live Action Mario (As seen on Web Junk 20)

This is funny.. in a nintendo sort of way..

Real Life Borg

Friday I watched a segment on NBC's Dateline where they talked about the possibility of robots taking over the world. They also talked about the creation of cyborgs. First thing that came to mind the borg. They are doing testing on people. Does this mean we'll create borgs and we'll start to assimilate and destroy mankind as we know it? I think I've heard enough stuff on how mankind is destroying ourselves. I just didn't know it'd be borg. I'd like to be last in line for becoming a borg. I'm not striving for perfection just yet.

Web Junk 20

VH1's Web Junk 20 is back. I love this show.

Wrestling on sci fi

Why does the sci fi channel need to add wrestling to its schedule. I know people who are into the sci fi genre and wrestling. I was shocked when I heard that sci fi channel has wrestling now. It doesn't fit.The name also gets you Sci Fi Channel Presents. I was really surprised to find out that the local arena near me is getting one of the sci fi channel sponsered wrestling events set for August. When I think of sci fi, I think of science fiction stuff like aliens, ghost,etc. not wrestling. I'm just waiting for CNN to sponser Darts or dodgeball or something. Wrestling on sci fi channel who would have thought.


Party In Hell

COOL!! I should have went.

..... Darn I got lost and partied in Heck!!

Next year I plan to go to a casino on 777, play a slot machine with 777 and spend 777. Finally I'll get home at 707..

Pee Wee's Combeback

I can't believe it's making a comback on Adult Swim. I haven't seen it in years.


Seth Green is a Genius!!!

Why? Two words Robot Chicken. It's the best fifteen minutes of my life every Sunday. That show is totally awesome!! It's totally cool how they spoof shows that me and countless others grew up with along with the totally original stuff. The animation is totally old school.

My personal fave is the one that takes place at a sci fi convention when all hell breaks loose.

Seth Green is a genius!!!


you know there's nothing good on tv when...

Their showing badminton. It's just as bad when they show ping pong or even scrabble. It must be a desperate act on a networks part to show stuff like that. i'd take a cheesy infomercial anyday over badminton.


Babies the new Hollywood Accessory

Over the past year it seems more and more celebs are having babies. This trend makes it seem like babies are the new thing to have. Yes, their cute and cuddly but so are puppies. Some celebs are even expecting their second or third or who knows what number baby. I wonder how long this trend will last especially now that Anna Nicole Smith's Announced she's pregnant Whose next?

I didn't know that celbs are a dying breed and that they had to have kids to keep the breed alive.

will it ever end???

Last Comic Standing

Has anyone else caught this show and recongized any familiar faces??? I saw several faces that have been on tv or movies befor.

I caught the following:

  • two guys from The Best Week Ever
  • one guy who had a Comedy Central special
  • one guy from reality tv
  • one guy from an 80's tv show
  • one guy whose been on late night tv

I don't think it's fair that these comics who most likely have agents are allowed to compete with comics who aren't as lucky as them. It shouldn't be called Last Comic Standing it should be called last comic with an agent whose getting more than their share of fame competing against other comics in the same situation. It's too long but hey it seems like the truth.

Other than my problem with comics who have had some fame I enjoy the show. Right now my favorite comic is the one with the lisp.

"If you suspect a man don't hire him."

Suspect everyone...

hire no one....