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Real Life Borg

Friday I watched a segment on NBC's Dateline where they talked about the possibility of robots taking over the world. They also talked about the creation of cyborgs. First thing that came to mind the borg. They are doing testing on people. Does this mean we'll create borgs and we'll start to assimilate and destroy mankind as we know it? I think I've heard enough stuff on how mankind is destroying ourselves. I just didn't know it'd be borg. I'd like to be last in line for becoming a borg. I'm not striving for perfection just yet.

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Pesky_Jester said...

If cyborging became possible, I'd probably be near the middle front of the line...but not at the big places, no siree! I'll find a little clinic somewhere that will replace my knees, and maybe trade out on of my arms so I can download MP3s and listen to them from my wrist. and always have my data 'on hand' Ah-ha ha ha ha ha! ok, that was bad, you can hit me for that one...Tho depending on what I got done, mebbe I'd be the one 'destroying the world'. ya know, like demanding that Windows programs work, and AOL gets fixed/obliterated, and that I get what I ordered when I go to a resturant of any kind. Oh, and a ghostbusters boxset. the original cartoon. and boxsets of a jillion other things...hey, I think I just commented on three different previoud topics in one post!let's see the Borg do that!