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Listen to the fans..

There are a lot of good movie / tv franchises out there that have a devoted following even if it's been years since anything new has been made. The studios should listen to the fans. We're the one's who invest time, money. and effort, into them. Fans have a lot of great original ideas or improvements to previous ideas. Just read some of the nice clean fan fic out there. also great fan made movies, comics and artwork.also read the message boards and stuff. you will find a lot of people out there. We're the fans, we helped make it successful, we have hopes of someday it returns or it should be left alone.

I'm not just talking about Star Trek, but Ghostbusters and countless others.
I have hopes one day that both franchises will make a comeback of sort but something that is respective and not a joke to it. I've seen this happen to a few things and I wasn't happy along with others.

Just listen to the fans. We are the ones who care about what happens to our faves.

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Uriko2057 said...

I second that its just the world like so screw things up... So a new Ghostbusters movie will more then likly suck bad.