Rants and Ramblings of a not so sterotypical trekkie. There is life outside of Star Trek


One Month

Exactly one month till my birthday. Wow!!



Winter has finally arrived and it's come with avengance. its really really cold. so cold you could stick your tounge out and it stick to a pole without touching a pole. it's that cold. its so cold my ice cubes are bundled up to stay warm. it's so cold that jack frost is even trying to stay warm.

i go to the college that never closes. we did just get a new dean that has the say in the weather stuff that just came up from florida so maybe it'll be too cold for him to want to leave his house. one can dream.


Another book for MySpace

Saw another great book for those who use or want to use MySpace. It's learn Visually Myspace. Just great. What's next? How about how to avoid myspace at all cost and save yourself from unwanted consequences. or how not to use myspace. the possibilities are endless.


Creepy Commercial

Right now the creepiest commercial on tv has to be the new Orville Redenbacher popcorn commercial. I think it has to do with the new orville. It's just not right or sane. I can't really stand to watch it.


I Survived

I survived the first week of classes. The two and only two that I have. I don't really hav any homework yet. Just you're basic read a chapter and answer a few questions. Not really work.

hopefully next week is the same. highly doubtful but hey what can you do.


Back to thinking

tomorrow is my first day back to college after a nice three week break. time to get up and get around at six to catch the bus. a daily task. it's nice not to drive. the ride might be a bit longer than actualy driving there but it saves on gas money. it's a dollar each way. i like my friends on the bus. we have so much fun. i'm the life of the party. our one bus driver is a hoot. we have fun with him.

well better enjoy my last moments of freedom before homework, test and so much more.


Saturday night

Another Saturday night at home. Same old thing. Every weekend. nothing ever changes. I sometimes wonder what some of my "friends" are doing right now and how come I'm not welcome.

I'm doing the same thing I do every Saturday night. watching tv and playing on the computer. loads of fun.

You'd think one would get used to this same old routine but you don't. it gets pretty boring after a while.


Clerks 2

Just got done watching the movie and it is the funniest sh*t I've seen in along time. I am definitely going to watch it again. Glad I bought it instead of renting it. I couldn't believe some of the stuff in that movie.

Being a Geek

I accept the fact that I am a geek. I've probably been a geek all of my life but i've really come into my own geekiness the last few years. Things that make me a geek:

  • glasses (no tape on them)
  • interest in sci fi( star trek,stargate,etc...)
  • not afraid to wear geek related clothing
  • been to a sci fi con
  • interest in technology
  • knows a little "technobabble"
  • this blog

I'm sure there's more that I can't think of right now but it'll come to me later.

I'm happy with who I am. I am not afraid to hide the fact. I'm not afraid to wear my geek related shirts with subjects like Star Trek , Batman with a cape attached ,Stargate.

I'm not afraid to admit i've been to a sci fi con. I stood in the rain to see shatner.



Well it's official folks. those who are dummies when it comes to myspace finally have their own book. MySpace for dummies is out there people. For those that are a dummy when it comes to myspace the book is out there for you now. for those clueless on how to get this book. go to your local bookstore,and if you don't know what that is it's a place that sells books, you could also check a library a place that lets you borrow books, then go to the computer or technolgy section and look for a yellow book that says myspace for dummies. if you need help ask a worker their usually wearing a namebadge. good luck.



R.I.P Lily Munster (Yvonne De Carlo).

you will be missed.


Losing contact

In my life, which is minor in comparison to so many, I have lost contact with more people than people I'm still in contact no matter how small the contact is. One person which I hate losing contact with is someoneI've known since high school. It'll be two years this summer since we last had any contact. Which is sad. i had to hear from that person's parents whats been going on with their life. I can count how many people I'm in touch with on one hand. No pity please.

I don't know why? If I knew it'd have fixed it by know. Some day I hope things will improve and I'll have contact with more people than those I have lost contact with.


Happy New Year!

happy new year! i hope 2007 is a great year. much better than 2006. it wasn't a good year at all. if i could use one trek episode to describe it it would be " year of hell" from voyager.

i have a few goals for 2007
  • get more people reading this blog
  • make this blog even more interesting
  • finish a story i've been working on since '04
  • hang out with friends more
  • get my degree in web designs
  • go to a sci fi con