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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Today is my day to enjoy myself. I'm not letting anything bother me.


Star Trek Beyond the Final Frontier

The history channel special aired tonight. it was pretty interesting. why is it when they show trek fans on tv they show the super crazy ones? why not some of us that are semi crazy? i guess if you quirky then you're guaranteed fifteen minutes of fame or shame depending on the person. talk to those of us out there that have gone to cons but dress normal. or those of us who have collection that may not be impressive but within our means. how about letting us get a chance to own a piece of trek we can afford? not the people with no limits and a good exchange rate. ebay makes it easier but it can be limiting at times.


Winter Storm Warning

Got a winter storm warning in effect from 3 pm to 7 pm tomorrow. Woo hoo! it actually evolved into a heavy snow warning. wow!! they have a warning for everything. what's next too many squirrel attack warning! there's a squirrel warning in effect for the tri-state area. The risk is very high for squirrels attacking. don't go out if you can and hide all of your nut and nut products..



Virtual Villagers

Virtual villagers is a great real time game. The premise your little villagers are the survivors of a disaster and end up on an island( sounds a little like Gilligan's Island) and you have to help them survive. Training your people to become parents, farmers, researchers, doctors, and builders. You basically drag the little people around. Might take a few tries to get them to do what you want but they do catch on. When the little villagers go indoors their basically going into their little love shack. occasionally they come out the proud parents. sometimes there's immaculate conception involved too.

this game can be a bit addictive. it's fun.