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Ranting part II

glad to find out not the only one annoyed with the blond ditz we call an editor. someone who went to high school with her has had issues as well.


why do i bother writing anything for my crappy college paper. it's getting to be a big pain my ass. i'm at the point where i'm ready to quit completely even as secretary. it's feeling pointless for me to make an effort when i keep getting knocked down. i might have ADD but i don't need someone making me feel like i'm incompetent. i'm a very competent and an excellent writer who doesn't need some little blond bimbo with power (too much) knocking me down. i've been writing before she was created by her parents during a night of passion that lead to her exsistance. it's getting ridiculous. she needs to grow up fast and not play favorites. cause once she's in the real world she is going to get eaten alive and spit out quicker than you can say chopped liver. she better learn this soon before she messes with the wrong person and bad things happen. not me. i'm not the kind.


Haunted house

went to a fave haunted house put on by a local business.hadn't gone in years. i had a good time it was more fun than scary. it was great to go with a friend we had a good time going through and saying hi how's it going and other fun stuff to the performers inside. it was a bit disorienting at times and foggy. but overall fun. thinking of going again next year and possibly the hayride.(weather wasn't nice)it was quite rainy and cold to go on a haunted hayride.


Bus Driver

WE have the coolest bus driver to take us college students to school every day. He kicks some serious ass.

we had an incident where a lady wanted to get on but there wasn't any room and the bus was coming back through in about fifteen minutes. the bus driver explained it to her. the lady complained you're going to make me wait even longer. he's like it's "either that or pay two bucks". she goes "why?" he's like "one to go up the hill (the college is on a hill) and one to go down it to your location." she's like "why you being so hard you jackass", his reply was the best " shut up you blonde bit*h," and then drove off. it was soo funny. even people sleeping woke up for that one. that made everyone's day especially after we had to switch to a different bus because the first one broke down.


Borg interactive movie prt. 1

pretty awesome someone put this up on youtube.


Power trip

some people should never be given power, it goes to their head. the younger they are the more power tripping they are. case in point the fresh out of high school editor of the college paper. they have gotten too much power to soon. they're starting to get mean and evil. also big on the favortism front specificially high school friends and relatives. not cool. not cool at all. lying is another problem. but i'm not going there.


Halloween costume

with nine days left til my favorite holiday i'm still not 100% on what to dress up as. right now i've got two options and a possible third. my first two options are as a.) captain janeway from voyager the 2.) a director of a voyager epsiode. i have my star trek voyager jacket i got for my b-day that was supposedly a jacket given to the cast and crew, i'd wear that with a hat and carry around one my voyager scripts. the possible third is to be cleopatra again. i'm leaning towards one of the first two. i'll just have to see what i feel like doing.


halloween is less than two weeks away and it's time for me to get out and watch my favorite movies.

anything related to ghostbusters is a must. i have a mini ghostbusters marathon for myself. and relieve my best childhood memories. also love the left over candy not given to trick or treaters. my family gives the good stuff. none of that off brand no one knows what is crap. no offense to anyone that does.


Better than nothing

It'll be interesting to see them when they come out. At least they haven't completly gotten rid of Sg-1...



my neighbors went 8 days straight with being noisy. i'm glad they finally chilled out. it was getting annoying.