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why do i bother writing anything for my crappy college paper. it's getting to be a big pain my ass. i'm at the point where i'm ready to quit completely even as secretary. it's feeling pointless for me to make an effort when i keep getting knocked down. i might have ADD but i don't need someone making me feel like i'm incompetent. i'm a very competent and an excellent writer who doesn't need some little blond bimbo with power (too much) knocking me down. i've been writing before she was created by her parents during a night of passion that lead to her exsistance. it's getting ridiculous. she needs to grow up fast and not play favorites. cause once she's in the real world she is going to get eaten alive and spit out quicker than you can say chopped liver. she better learn this soon before she messes with the wrong person and bad things happen. not me. i'm not the kind.

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