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Trek Revamped

It just came out today that paramount has revamped the original series. How? CGI, their making everything look more "realistic." It'll be interesting to see when they start airing on tv. It's a good way to get those of us who've grown up with superhyped up special effects.


Save Stargate SG-1

Check the site out and see what you can do to help save a great show. I've got a few ideas for buttons that i might try and get out there to help the cause. I couldn't help to save trek might as well try to save the gate.


100th Post

I finally made my 100th post.


Thank you tennis

Thanks for temporarily adding a night of wrestling on the sci fi channel.


Got to hate bordeom. there's only so much you can do before you're bored again. like blog.


Poor Pluto

Poor Pluto. It must be going through an identity crisis right now. First it's a planet then it's not then it is now its not. It's axis is going crazy trying to figure out what it is. Everything i've learned all my life and now it's changed. They really got to decide what the heck pluto is before they find more planets on top of what's been found recently.


Stargate SG-1 Cancelled

Stupid Sci fi channel. What gives? SG-1 is awesome. Yes all good things must come to end but you shouldn't knock Sg-1. Sci fi probably wants more free space to show Battlestar Gallactica. I really can't stand that show. I can't stand the fact that me and countless other fans have to wait till March to see the last half of Stargate's season so they can run Battlestar all the way through without repeats.That should have hinted that Stargate isn't as important as Battlestar is to the network.That's network politcs for you. Its shown in the way Sci fi promos Battlestar every possible moment they can especially during Stargate.Stargate is a great show that deserves some respect from Sci Fi. First they got rid of Stargate Monday's, now the cancellation, What's next? Oh that's right their showing WWE Raw this monday. How nice.


Shatner Roast

This was the funniest sh*t I've seen in a long time! Check out this link for more info on the show.


Stargate 200th part II

Check out this link if you missed the 200th episode to check out what you missed. It's worth it. Warning the clips are divided up into the different parts.


Happy 200th

Happy 200th episode Stargate SG-1!!



Its amazing that when your away from a computer and the internet you miss it but after a while you don't. i had that experience when i was camping for eight days. i missed the computer but then it's like i didn't even think about it. weird..


Sci FI Aquires Some CBS Paramount Shows

COOl! I can't wait to see Threshold again. I also need to see the first season of Enterprise. I totally missed it when it was on and since it's in syndication nobody seems to air that season. Some of the other stuff is cool too.


Neighbors A.C.

I would like my neighbor's air conditioner to self destruct. it is the loudest and most annyoing piece of crap in the world. I didn't think they had to be loud enough where it sounds like it's in your own house. They have silence for guns how about one for air conditoners so those of us stuck like me don't have to deal with the noisey thing. I think it's an accident waiting to happen.

New Batman Movie

Love the title. Don't like the fact that Heath Ledger will be the joker. There's something that doesn't still well with me on that one. Will have to see when it comes out..