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Stargate SG-1 Cancelled

Stupid Sci fi channel. What gives? SG-1 is awesome. Yes all good things must come to end but you shouldn't knock Sg-1. Sci fi probably wants more free space to show Battlestar Gallactica. I really can't stand that show. I can't stand the fact that me and countless other fans have to wait till March to see the last half of Stargate's season so they can run Battlestar all the way through without repeats.That should have hinted that Stargate isn't as important as Battlestar is to the network.That's network politcs for you. Its shown in the way Sci fi promos Battlestar every possible moment they can especially during Stargate.Stargate is a great show that deserves some respect from Sci Fi. First they got rid of Stargate Monday's, now the cancellation, What's next? Oh that's right their showing WWE Raw this monday. How nice.

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