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This is my first post using mybrand spanking new laptop. it took a little bit to get but i finally have one. i've been wanting a laptop for the longest time. it's great. right now i'm working on updating things and getting what i need on it. i can finally catch up on some back work from school. woo hoo! i can install all my little programs that i had on my desktop before it went over the summer. i'm having fun. cant wait to take it to school and show my friends.



Every day after thanksgiving (black friday) my parents go out early trying to get some good deals. this time they spent all night at best buy. it was the only place they could get to. won't go into details but we've called best buy's 800 number to complain about something.

when they get back we usually go and hit the local christmas parade. my little brother and sister have both been it as well as myself. it's always fun to watch. this year it celebrated it's 5oth anniversary. totally cool.

after the parade went out to the stores again to check things out. i was still able to get the 1gb memory card for $14 at walmart. i bought two. one for fun stuff one for shool stuff. can't beat that price.



Happy Thanksgiving!! hope everyone had enough to eat.


No Trek This week

No trek on spike tv this week. the one week untill winter break that i could watch all of trek. i'll just have to break out the dvds and watch.


You ever notice how a haircut can make you feel? i got a haircut today and i feel great. i feel slightly changed since i cut my hair short. it also looks better. i like my haircut. i actually went to school with the lady who cut my hair.


little things

its amazing how a person can get a thrilled over little things.case in point i was recently checking out the clearance stuff at staples and found an item i've been wanting for months. it was marked 9.90 down from the original fifty it was. it was a four game memory card for my little hp ipaq rx 1950 pocket pc. i'd been eying it and one other game that had tetris and a bunch of other games. i got both for half the price of one. i'm thinking of getting the atari classics and dictionary for it as well. it was one of those little things that make a person happy. i'm currently enjoying kicking the computers little ass at battleship and monopoly. i can't usually do that against someone in real life.

got to love those little things that make a person happy.


Robot Chicken

just got done watching the last new episode of '06. hopefully there will be another full season of fun in '07. i really love this show. i never miss an episode.


Bad Weeks are Evil

you ever have one of those bad weeks where anything and everything could go wrong does? i did. it started off with monday i had a test and also forgot a notebook for class with an assignment due. tuesday was okay. wednesday get the test back not a nice grade at all also in another class we were picking topics for a final project and no one could double up so i got stuck last with no choice at all. teacher went reverse birthday starting in december back to january. since mine's in february i had no choice which sucks major ass. its something i have no clue on. i really wanted to scream damn! really loud but held back. thursday was pretty good. went to the circus that was fun. friday ran into a few people i knew at the mall. they were with people so i didn't bug them. saturday didn't go anywhere so i could avoid the world. totally earned that. next week should be better. no school for the week. just me and my little world. and really great food at my aunts on thanksgiving that and the macy's parade. that's always interesting to watch.


not surprised

i'm not suprised by the recent news that britney spears and k-fed were getting divorced. i knew it wouldn't last. now he's free to make more babies with someone else.