Rants and Ramblings of a not so sterotypical trekkie. There is life outside of Star Trek



I am the soon to be proud owner of 1 of 40 star trek XI mini movie posters from startrek.com. I can't believe I won another of their contest. I won last year as well. I can't wait to get my poster. I'm planning on protecting it. I like the design a lot. Have to wait two years for the movie but hey I'm getting a little taste with the poster..



Batman! Batman!

Just felt like saying Batman! I love batman.



Another ho hum saturday. same old same old no plans nothing. stuck watching sub par tv.

Happy b-day to Wil Wheaton the coolest trek actor and blogger out there. or so i think..


Santa Clause 3

Yes I've seen both Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen. I'm looking forward to this one especially now the posters come out. I can't wait to see Martin Short as Jack Frost.


It's a Me Mario!

Cover your eyes it's not pretty. It's a me Mario? Dude! mario needs the mustache.


Show me the Money!

Monopoly money that is. Rumor has it that Parker Brothers is revamping monopoly. you won't need the money anymore. you'll get a little credit card that keeps track and a little scanner thing. there goes putting money down for whoever lands on free parking.


Presidential Spam

That's right folks today in my inbox the lovely republican party sent out an email from the man himself president bush. mostly to ask for money. how nice. i almost clicked the report spam button but what kind of citizen would i be if i did that. instead i deleted it. no offense but if i had the cash or cash at all i wouldn't be sharing it with any political party. they have rich people for that.


Not Cool

Sci fi channel what the hell? first wrestling now making fans wait six months to see what happens with stargate. Not cool! Not fair! sci fi needs to back off the battlestar bandwagon before people lose interest. their is such a thing as overkill and that is overkill. Yes it's the most popular show but the other shows need their share of attention too. they don't need to be tossed aside like a toy that's been played with once.


Star Trek XI Poster

The Star Trek XI poster was revealed at Comic Con. Pretty cool design. Can't wait the two years till the movie comes out. Hopefully, it will do better than Nemesis.


Comic Con G4 tv Coverage

Kudos for the decent job that G4 did with Comic Con. I learned a few interesting things.

I hope this happens but i would love a stargate sequel movie. especially if the original cast is involved except kurt russel's haircut. i love the show and all but the movie has it's charms.

I am not looking forward to the My Name is Earl comic book. That'll be in the discount bin at the comic book store.

The fans in costume cool! People are way creative in their creations. From Batmand and Hulk to Superman and Catwoman. Plenty of stormtroopers as well even an elvis storm trooper.


Superhero Stamps

Thank you US postal service. Tomorrow they are releasing superhero stamps in relation to Comic Con. Heros include Batman(my fave),Superman, WonderWoman,etc... I'm going to get my hands on them.


Wrong Coast

I totally live on the wrong coast when it comes to the major Geek related conventions. Comic Con and E3 are in california, the star trek con is in vegas. And who knows what others. But it's not fair. Those of us on the East Coast need to have some huge monsterous con(s). That way we don't have to fork over major cash to attend. Booking travel, getting tickets and hotels. Yes still might need to get a hotel but the distance traveled wouldn't be as much of a pain. I know there are smaller cons out there but we need ones where it's sold out and hyped about in the media. Not some flier on a telephone pole that's faded from the elements or a tiny little ad in the newspaper. If I ever won the lottery I'd totally have a con where people wouldn't have to spend a ton to get it. I'd charge a dollar or something and have the money go to charity especially since I wouldn't need the money anyways. Aww to dream.


Pro Gamer


AT 8 yrs old this kid shouldn't know Halo. Besides that he shouldn't be up till 10pm. My little brother isn't even allowed up till 10 in the summer and he's a few years older than this kid.

Yes its all great this kid has money for college, if he goes that is something that'll have to wait and be seen in ten years. Who knows all this could be a fad for the kid and he'll get tired of it.

I find it hard to believe that at 2 the kid could be calmed with a game controller.When I was 2 there wasn't even a console system out there. I was five or six when the Nintendo came out. What happened to reading to a kid to calm them down or getting them a sippy cup of juice or something? not a game controller.

It's great the kid is good at something but he should be good at games for his age range. I don't think being a pro gamer qualifies him as a child prodigy. Their are probably other kids out there that are just as good at gaming but are playing the age appropriate games.

It feels to me like some of this is like those parents that force their kids into stuff and then they retaliate because they didn't want to do it in the first place. The kid is probably having fun with the games but is he really truly enjoying the benefits of being pro.Does he understand it?The time might come some day where the kids like I don't want to do this anymore. I want to be a kid.


Whose Line DVD

I plan on forking over the cash for the uncensored version. It's how i've always wanted to see whose line. I love that show.

Star Trek Animated

Finally the years of rumors have been put to rest. Their is a release date and package details along with a hefty price of $35.00. I'd better start saving for it now.


Hot Humid Hazy

Those three little words are becoming the words of the moment. I want to do like Pee Wee's Playhouse and scream everytime I hear them. Those three little words spell out uncomfortable pain in the ass weather. And guess what I don't have frickin air conditioning. I have a fan but that only truely helps at night. The best trick is to keep the lights off and not open the door much.


Stargate Returns

The season ten return of Stargate was great. There was plenty of explosions. The beginning started off a little slow but it picked up. Can't wait to see what's in store. Only saw Walter once tonight. Come on give us more walter outside of Teal'c he's been one of the more consistent characters on the show. Especially awesome is aol now has exclusive stargate content. totally cool! Sci fi has new computer wallpapers which are nice especially if you have one character in particular you like. i've got mine. Next week's episode looks interesting. Can't wait..


Stargate Dream

I was so excited and thinking about Stargate that I had a dream about it. It was a weird dream that's based in some reality. I had one the contest to go be on the show but i didn't find out till the day i was supposed to be there. i cursed out aol or something for not delivering the email. It goes into some other weird stuff that i'm not willing to share.


Pee Wee's Playhouse

I've been watching the show this week during Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and one thing is for sure. I found the show a lot funnier when I was a kid watching on Saturday mornings. It doesn't appeal to me like it used to.


Mosquito Bites

I am sick and tired of those little pain in the ass mosquitos biting me. I'm an all you can eat buffet that never closes. I can walk outside two seconds and be bitten like five times. It's really annoying and itchy. I need stock in an anti-itch cream company or something.
If a company ever really truely wanted to see that their product would work they could use me as a guinea pig i'm telling you. A good chunk of the products they have out there doesn't work or if it does a few minutes tops. I've tried everything from wristbands and pins to sprays and candles. I actually check the mosquito levels from the weather channel's website to see how badly I'll be bitten that day.
I wouldn't miss mosquitos if they went extinct. I'd be really happy. so happy i'd throw a party to celebrate.


what were they thinking?

what were they thinking when they came up with this superfriends "celebrity raoast" type show. holy cheesiness batman!!

What the???


Five Days till Stargate

Five days till stargate is back. Can't wait to see how the cliffhanger from last season is taken care of. I'll have my jello and other snacks ready along with the do not disturb sign..


No More

No more spoiled rich kids on tv. Enough is enough. Who gives a damn how much daddy spent on a birthday party? Who cares that you aren't getting everything you frickin want? Wait till they get out in the real world and they don't have daddy's money. Who cares you want some big costly car? who cares you want so and so at your party? deal. It's getting annoying. I'm tired of the whinging, the temper tantrums, leaving people out because their not good enough? The they weren't invited kick them out, the dress they can't have because it shows too much skin.

when will they take this crap off of tv??
I'm not jealous of what they got, i wouldn't want it. I don't want to be some spoiled brat who won't be able to handle real world stuff like laundry and dishes and cooking. I like having to work for what i have, it enhances my creativity and the abiltiy to think for myself. Also i'm more indepent. What more do i need? Yes i dream of things that aren't in my reach but hey who doesn't.

I have one thing i'd love to have when i can afford it a pinball machine. is that too much? i think not.


Reality TV

Enough is enough. Reality TV isn't as "real" as people thing. Read the 100mph scrolling print at the end and it'll tell you the truth.

It's getting ridiculous. Nothing is original anymore. Everyone rips off everyone else ideas and make it their own but still able to tell what it was ripped off from.

I'm getting to the point where I wish there wasn't anymore reality TV. I see networks are starting to reduce the number of reality junk they have but will it ever end. Go back to the quality stuff there used to be.

Enough reality already give me my good ole scripted stuff any day..



Informercials practically the only thing on after one in the morning. Some of them just say " Not legal" while others say how cheesy and easily this product will break once you get it. My favorites are the ones with washed up celebrities panning some piece of crap that cost 1 cent to make in some foreign country but will cost you only one payment of $39.99 plus shipping and handling. The other great informercials out there are the ones that say if you call now we'll lower the price by one payment. Informercials the best late night entertainment out there next to Cnn.


4th of July


A great holiday to see professional fireworks and your idiot neighbors homemade display that results in a loss of fingers. Hope everyone had a happy and safe fourth of july and you still have all of your fingers...


RVs in Parking lots

Have you ever noticed those big RVs that camp out in parking lots like Wal-Mart and stuff. What gives? If they can afford the big monsterous RVs they should be able to afford a campsite at a campground or something. It's ridiculous especially when they take up several spots from actual paying customers.. Yes, they might go in there once or twice if at all. But if their just their to camp then go to the very far corner of the lot that's not used unless it's Christmas time and everyone's at the store..


Slave Machine

Who would have thought that machines could be slaves..