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No More

No more spoiled rich kids on tv. Enough is enough. Who gives a damn how much daddy spent on a birthday party? Who cares that you aren't getting everything you frickin want? Wait till they get out in the real world and they don't have daddy's money. Who cares you want some big costly car? who cares you want so and so at your party? deal. It's getting annoying. I'm tired of the whinging, the temper tantrums, leaving people out because their not good enough? The they weren't invited kick them out, the dress they can't have because it shows too much skin.

when will they take this crap off of tv??
I'm not jealous of what they got, i wouldn't want it. I don't want to be some spoiled brat who won't be able to handle real world stuff like laundry and dishes and cooking. I like having to work for what i have, it enhances my creativity and the abiltiy to think for myself. Also i'm more indepent. What more do i need? Yes i dream of things that aren't in my reach but hey who doesn't.

I have one thing i'd love to have when i can afford it a pinball machine. is that too much? i think not.

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