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Mosquito Bites

I am sick and tired of those little pain in the ass mosquitos biting me. I'm an all you can eat buffet that never closes. I can walk outside two seconds and be bitten like five times. It's really annoying and itchy. I need stock in an anti-itch cream company or something.
If a company ever really truely wanted to see that their product would work they could use me as a guinea pig i'm telling you. A good chunk of the products they have out there doesn't work or if it does a few minutes tops. I've tried everything from wristbands and pins to sprays and candles. I actually check the mosquito levels from the weather channel's website to see how badly I'll be bitten that day.
I wouldn't miss mosquitos if they went extinct. I'd be really happy. so happy i'd throw a party to celebrate.

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