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Wrong Coast

I totally live on the wrong coast when it comes to the major Geek related conventions. Comic Con and E3 are in california, the star trek con is in vegas. And who knows what others. But it's not fair. Those of us on the East Coast need to have some huge monsterous con(s). That way we don't have to fork over major cash to attend. Booking travel, getting tickets and hotels. Yes still might need to get a hotel but the distance traveled wouldn't be as much of a pain. I know there are smaller cons out there but we need ones where it's sold out and hyped about in the media. Not some flier on a telephone pole that's faded from the elements or a tiny little ad in the newspaper. If I ever won the lottery I'd totally have a con where people wouldn't have to spend a ton to get it. I'd charge a dollar or something and have the money go to charity especially since I wouldn't need the money anyways. Aww to dream.

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