Rants and Ramblings of a not so sterotypical trekkie. There is life outside of Star Trek



A little unknown fact

a little unknown fact about me is that when i was in elementary school i was tested for the the gifted program. never found out what happened the person who tested me left before i got the results. one of the greatest mysteries did i or didn't i make it. i will never know.


Neighbors War '06

last night my neighbors next door, the ones with the pain in the ass air conditoner decided to be super loud and annoying. a group of friends came over and where exchanging lovely words i won't repeat hear. well it was about five minutes till 1am when i hear a female voice yelling " shut the fu** up!! get inside your house!!!" found out i wasn't the only one annoyed by their crap and my neighbor lady across the street had had enough of it. their response was a mix of calling her a " bit*h and someone saying my appoligies mam." the apology coming from the smartass of the group. they finally settled down. i don't think that'll be the end of that. so far tonight things are quiet. i'll get my revenge on halloween when i run my fog machine and blare my scary sounds cd. its the one night a year i can get away with torturing my neighbors.


Spaceballs Cartoon

one word why???? word came out today that g4 will be getting the new animated series. mel brooks will be doing at least two of the voices for the series.



just saw the rough draft of my college paper. and i feel i have evidence that i am possibly getting personally attacked. why for one thing. neither of my lovely puzzles i submitted made it and usually they are always in there. and two the articles this week are pure boredom and pointless. i wouldn't pick this issue up it's ridiculous. glad i can speak my mind freely here in my little tiny miniscule corner of the world. who needs to hear the editors complaints on the local shopping scene. please help me. another one was even more retarded in that it's a dude talking about his family reunion over the summer. not cool. it's getting to the point where why bother contributing to this sh*t. i'm getting treated like crap and its frustrating to not be able to get my point across as well as my pov in my articles gets morphed into something that's not mine.



it's weird how sometimes things change in a weekend. just this past weekend someone that was a frequent rider on the bus got arrested and sent to jail for supposedly killing an infant. no definite word yet but on the bus ride this morning it was bought up a few times. they guy didn't seem to be the type to do such a thing. is there really such a thing as a "type"?



I just need a little respect when it comes to what i write for the college newspaper. no little fresh faced editor making it something not my own. i enjoy blogging for the one reason. i can write whatever i want and not worry too much about it being edited unless i do it myself. it doesn't matter who if anyone else besides myself read it. it's just nice to get my words out to the people without being butchered and revamped into something else and have my name put on it.



Writer's Block

I just had a bad case of writers' block. Not a good thing when you write for your college newspaper. I usually come up with word search puzzles and whatever else floats my boat. Back to the writer's block. It was so bad that i couldn't come up with my word list to make my puzzle. I finally came up with new fall tv shows when i saw something on the Tv Guide channel. i also wrote an article on writing for the paper. it's the first thing that came to mind as soon as the writer's block cleared. i hope to not go through that again at least until the semester's over.


Happy 40th Star Trek!!

Happy 40th anniversary Star Trek! Live long and prosper. Check out this great tribute.


Great Trek Site

This site is great for watching some really great trek interview clips and other fun clips. i highly recommend it. especially with the 40th anniversary of star trek on friday.



Last night I was dissapointed after i went to my local NBC affiliate to watch the movie about what went on behind the scenes of diff'rent strokes. Well when i arrived on the channel i didn't find the movie come to find out they put apollo 13 on instead. Its a great movie and all but i really wanted to see this movie. There was no reasoning or anything they just put it on. all of the tv listings i looked at said the diff'rent strokes movie was going to be on. I don't know why they didn't show it, wish i did. Hopefully i'll eventually get to see it. i enjoy seeing the behind the scenes movies.


R.I.P Croc Hunter

R.IP. Stever "Croc Hunter" Irwin. Your croc wrestling antics will be missed. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends during this time.


Stop Messing with the Classics

There are a few networks who shall remain namless that seem to have this thing for revamping the classic cartoons. It's gettig to be too ridiculous. These revamped cartoons usually are viewed as a disaster in the eyes of those of us who grew up with the original. It's getting to the point that i won't even give the new revamped version of a favorite cartoon a try even if it got good reviews.



Congrats to Feedback for winning Who Wants to Be a Superhero. Way to go! i was rooting between him and Major Victory. i think it's great he won because he is one of many comic fans out there and it's great to see someone make their dream of being a superhero come true. so many of us wish we could experience that.