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Neighbors War '06

last night my neighbors next door, the ones with the pain in the ass air conditoner decided to be super loud and annoying. a group of friends came over and where exchanging lovely words i won't repeat hear. well it was about five minutes till 1am when i hear a female voice yelling " shut the fu** up!! get inside your house!!!" found out i wasn't the only one annoyed by their crap and my neighbor lady across the street had had enough of it. their response was a mix of calling her a " bit*h and someone saying my appoligies mam." the apology coming from the smartass of the group. they finally settled down. i don't think that'll be the end of that. so far tonight things are quiet. i'll get my revenge on halloween when i run my fog machine and blare my scary sounds cd. its the one night a year i can get away with torturing my neighbors.

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