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Bad Weeks are Evil

you ever have one of those bad weeks where anything and everything could go wrong does? i did. it started off with monday i had a test and also forgot a notebook for class with an assignment due. tuesday was okay. wednesday get the test back not a nice grade at all also in another class we were picking topics for a final project and no one could double up so i got stuck last with no choice at all. teacher went reverse birthday starting in december back to january. since mine's in february i had no choice which sucks major ass. its something i have no clue on. i really wanted to scream damn! really loud but held back. thursday was pretty good. went to the circus that was fun. friday ran into a few people i knew at the mall. they were with people so i didn't bug them. saturday didn't go anywhere so i could avoid the world. totally earned that. next week should be better. no school for the week. just me and my little world. and really great food at my aunts on thanksgiving that and the macy's parade. that's always interesting to watch.

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