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The New Stargate Promos

Sci fi channel has been airing promos for season ten of sg1 and season three of atlantis and three of them are a little cheesy. The whole Teal'c at a poker game, Sheppard playing pool, and Carter helping some women outsmarting a vending machine. Come on! yeah their trying to get stuff people relate to but really the shows are about them kicking some serious bad guy butt and saving the planet. It's not about them helping everyday people cheat and stuff. I'm just waiting for a promo of Daniel at a library helping someone find a book on Eygpt or something. Or how about one with Rodney picking out twelve boxes of Jello and going through the ten items or less express lane. I like the teaser style promos best, these promos are okay.

If your interested in actually seeing the promos and other stargate related promos check them out at youtube.com

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