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Pogs Comeback

POGS WHY? Are we running out of original ideas we have to resurrect past ideas? I mean first it was Carebears and Rainbow Brite, HE-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and now this. Why do they need to bring back those little cardboard disk. I don't think they'll be as popular as they were ten years ago but I'll just wait and see. I wonder if this means the Original Pogs are now considered vintage??

Why do we need virtual pogs as well? what's the point??

That stupid online pog game froze up my computer. stupid pain in the ass. i'm not going back to that site anytime soon.

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Pesky_Jester said...

I like POGS...I wanted to find mine and go to the tournement at KB toys..also 'cause they said no one showed up the week before, I'll take a prize just fror showing up!

I don't get virtual pogs either...it seems to me that the whole point of pogs was to get kids to play outside, or at least with together in the same room, little cardboard discs going all over tha table, on the floor, ticking off the luncladies, getting lost under furniture... Glory days man! glory days!

...And michaelangelo and Donetello (sp?) were always my favourites...