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Wrestling on sci fi

Why does the sci fi channel need to add wrestling to its schedule. I know people who are into the sci fi genre and wrestling. I was shocked when I heard that sci fi channel has wrestling now. It doesn't fit.The name also gets you Sci Fi Channel Presents. I was really surprised to find out that the local arena near me is getting one of the sci fi channel sponsered wrestling events set for August. When I think of sci fi, I think of science fiction stuff like aliens, ghost,etc. not wrestling. I'm just waiting for CNN to sponser Darts or dodgeball or something. Wrestling on sci fi channel who would have thought.


Pesky_Jester said...

Whaaa? Isn't wrestling, oh, I dunno' _anti_ sci-fi? 'cause nerds like sci fi, and as far as I know, nerds and wrestling don't mix. (or geeks, whatever...) still wrestling? WTF?

I dislike it, I do.

Uriko2057 said...

Wow the world must be ending..... I didnt think things could get worse then the Sci Fi origanal movies...