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Living in lawsuit land

Anymore it seems more and more people are suing someone or thing. Now the latest lawsuit is against Myspace. This suit brings up an important message parents watch what your kids are doing on the internet also know where their going. We're living in an age of cell phones and gps. Sites like myspace are not the virtual babysitters. What if she had met the guy at the mall and he said the same thing as in his profile. People lie all the time it's not new people. People do not need to capitalize or attempt to capitalize on something they had a part in. It just came out today that myspace is upping their defenses, good for them.

parents need to monitor what their kids are doing online. There is even software now that helps them do it. You have parental controls as well just like with TV's.

I remember a few years ago the lawsuit a guy had against the major fast food chains. I think he claimed they made him "fat". My thought is that I don't think Ronald McDonald drove to that guys' house took him to McDonald's made him buy a big Mac and eat it.

people are and should be responsible for their own actions. They should not blame it on a company or who knows what. It's getting to the point you have to be so super careful with your actions. You never know that person you accidentally tap with your cart at the grocery store might just sue you for the blister on their heal.

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