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Trekkie vs Trekker

Trekkie vs Trekker. I have been asked many times what's the difference? Is there a difference? Which do you prefer?

I prefer Trekkie. Why? I like the way it sounds, especially whenI say it out loud. If you heard me say Trekker you'd thinkI said trucker. Trekkie is so much cooler. As a button I have says " I'm a Trekkie not a Trekker. "

I've read things and talked with people that say there is a difference. They say Trekkies are the more obsessed fans. The ones that go dressed up to cons and stuff. Others say Trekkers are the more "closet" type. Not willing to admit their into Trek. They don't go to cons. Their more hush hush.

I think one time I saw a list of qualities for each. I personally fall between both.

Be it you're a Trekkie or Trekker we all have one thing in common Star Trek.

The thing that gets me is that people expect me to know a bunch of stuff. I can rattle off the series in order. I can describe an epsiode but not remember the title. I don't know when the original enterprise launched. I can tell you other stuff but not some of the weird quircky stuff. People hear the word trekkie and just assume that you know everything about trek. There are some out there that do and some that don't, including myself. I know things but not everything.

In the long run does it really matter what you call yourself as long as you stay true to what you believe..

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