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These are the endings....

I just rewatched the finale to Enterprise. When it hit me that the way they ended made it seem like the whole thing took place as a holodeck program. They had Riker interacting as the chef onboard the ship. Also had Riker and Troi watching as Archer was about to give a huge speech. It was weird. My fave part of the whole thing was the " These are the voyages" speech showing all three enterprises from the series ie. Tng, Ent, and Tos. with the captains' voice overs.

Another finale that could have used some work; Voyager. The way that ended it was like they hurried up the story to get them home from being stranded in the Delta Quadrant. The time travel where a future Janeway travels back and changes history dramatically. We also see our good friends the borg appear again. How many times did we see them throughout Voyager's seven seasons??

The best finale is TNG. It tied in well with the very first episode. The whole Q putting the human race on trial. Picard doing time leaps and remembering each one. The rest of the crew thinking he's crazy.

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