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People with nothing better to say

I recently checked out how some people are checking out my lovely blog and found two sites whose names i will not mention posted the link and started bashing me. they don't know me. i like posting because i like sharing my thoughts with their world. i don't care if there's comments are not. its a great way for me to express myself with the world. Some people need to get their heads out of their ass and grow up. Who gives a crap about what some home brewers have to say or some guys with an interest in surf music. and for anyones info i'm not a dude. never have been never will be.

i'm proud to be a trekkie. i love blogging and no little dudes who think it's fun to bash a complete stranger in some forum i don't even go to will never ever stop me. i have a ton of friends at college. i don't have a lot of comments on here because of mostly people like the idiots who bashed me at some homebrewed alcoholics and surf music forums that think their all high and mighty and their not. i've got the comment moderation turned on so before one's posted i can approve or diaspprove it. mostly their junk that's why there isn't so many. people need and i emphasize the need to do their research before opening their mouth and spewing lies.

Just because i'm a trekkie don't mean i'm living in my parents basement and am a forty year old guy. sorry to spoil your fun. their not going to ruin my fun. i will keep blogging forever.

I've had a few decent comments last year if anyone cares to check out the archives.

This trekkie is not going anywhere anytime soon. so ha ha ha on the poor pitiful fools who think its funny to make fun of some complete stranger they don't know. i hope they get their facts straight before making fun of someone.

I'm a geek not a nerd. get your facts straight you frickin losers.

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